Thursday, June 23, 2011

Onesies for My Niece Part 4

Ok now its time for the big boo boo. This started out as a good idea but quickly turned to ick. I will just give you the pics of what I did since it did not work then I will show you how I rectified the situation and what I think went wrong. Ok here we go!

Fabric Crayons I love them! But this time they don't love me back!

Not perfect but I drew it and colored with my fabric crayons.

Flipped over and ready to iron.

Crayon showing through the back.
At this point I peeled off the paper to admire my work and was proud of how it had turned out, too bad I didn't take a pic of it then. I waited until it came out of the washer which had unfortunately did this to it:

Faded almost beyond recognition.

The moral of the story boys and girls, always read the instructions. My crayons were apparently supposed to only be used on cotton/poly blends NOT 100% cotton.  So what's a girl too do?  I'll tell you. I took out my trusty fabric MARKERS (which work great on 100% cotton btw) and went over the faint mess that was left and saved the whole works.  Which unfortunately you will only be able to see a small pic of in the last installment because I seemed to have inadvertently deleted the finished picture of this one. Sorry! 

So stay tuned to see how it all turns out.

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