Thursday, June 23, 2011

Onesies for My Niece The Grand Finale

This last installment is an embroidered one.  Here's a refresher of what you will need:

Onesie (duh!)

embroidery needle

embroidery floss (I used light purple, dark purple, gold, and variegated teal plus some extra for basting, color doesn't matter for the extra. Once again I don't know the DMC numbers because it came from that floss fish bowl I mentioned earlier.)

dryer sheet and coffee filter (I used both but it would probably be better to just use the dryer sheet. I'll explain later.)

scissors (as always)

pencil and pen

design template unless you want to freehand something. I got my template from a book I checked out at the library called The Anchor Book of Free-Style Embroidery Stitches.

Ok let's get started!

First take out your dryer sheet and trace the design you want onto it. I traced onto a coffee filter (as you will see in the pictures) and did not attach it to the fabric in any way when I was trying to trace onto the fabric, but I basted a dryer sheet to my onesie to stabilize it.  I think if I had traced my template onto the dryer sheet that I used as the stabilizing fabric I could have just stitched on top of the lines instead of trying to transfer the lines to the fabric first.  I hope that makes sense, if not just ask and I will try to clarify.  In other words trace onto whatever you are using for a stabilizing fabric or as my mom would put it do as I say and not as I do.

Lying on the book ready to trace
In pencil

Now in pen and trimmed to a more manageable size.

 At this point I traced my image as best I could onto the fabric which as you will see was not exact but it worked. If you try it with tracing onto the stabilizing fabric let me know how it works out for you. 

Next I turned the onesie wrong side out and basted the dryer sheet piece to it using some extra embroidery floss.

Turned wrong side out and dryer sheet in place.

Ready to begin basting.

All ready to start embroidering. You can just barely see my birdie outline.

 Now its time to embroider. You can follow the stitches listed in the book, which is pretty much what I did except for the beak, or you can do your own thing. The choice is up to you.  Here's what I did:

A work in progress!

Close up of a back stitch.

More of the wing.

All finished on the front side time to take out the basting floss.

Now use your scissors to carefully snip and tear off the extra dryer sheet.

All sniped and cleaned up.

And thats it! Here are all the onesies:

And here they are packed and ready to go!

All tied up with a bow!


Just for kicks here's a printed onesie I dolled up as well. I tatted my niece's name using letter patterns from a booklet given to me by a most lovely person and wonderful friend (Along with a ginormous bunch of other crafting stuff including the pearl cotton I used to tat the letters. Thanks, Nicole!!).   I love this booklet so much that I have forbidden anyone with unclean hands to touch it, why you may ask, well I'll tell you. The name of the booklet is Tatted and Crocheted Designs Star Book 30 and it's copyright date is 1944! So if you hurt it, you DIE! It's just that simple.  I love every pattern in this booklet!  If you ever see one in your vicinity and you like to tat or crochet you MUST get it!  Well enough about the booklet ( I Love this Booklet! Sorry just had to say it one more time!) here's the pic:


Me holding Clara. Auntie Sarita Loves You!

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