Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pillowcase Curtain

It's been TOO LONG since my last post. I have made so many things and I have pics for quite a few of those things, but there has just been too much going on in my life and too much laziness to post them. Enough excuses let's craft shall we?

So at the beginning of spring I was staring out the window of my kitchen door:

Great view, right?

All we have in the way of window dressing for this window is an ugly plastic roller shade, which when pulled down serves it's purpose but is not great to look at, so put up the shade you say.  Ahh, now there is the problem.  We have a neighbor, you can see his window if you look to the left behind our grill and I don't know about you but I don't think I want him being able to see into our kitchen all the time even for the sake of not having to look at an ugly shade. Also did I meantion what a great view we have? Enter the pillowcase!

Pretty isn't it? My grandma gave it to me, to craft with of course! Thanks Maw!
So there I was staring out my window, thats when it hit me. Maybe you have already realized this, if so forgive me for being so slow, but did you ever look at the top seam of most pillowcases?  They are very wide, the perfect side for accommodating a curtain rod, almost begging to be turned into a curtain, so thats exactly what I did.

You will need these supplies:

Seam Ripper or razor blade


Hand Needle and/or Sewing Machine

Thread to match the pillowcase

And of course a lovely pillowcase long enough for your window (or two if your window is wide).

There she is again!
Step the first:  Grab your handy dandy seam ripper put on some angry music and pretend the pillowcase is your worst enemy and RIP that seam all the way around. I recommend you do this before you vacuum NOT after unless you really like vacuuming. I speak from experience!

Take that you seam!
Once you have completely ripped out your seam around the outside of the pillowcase you should end up with one big piece of fabric. If you want one big curtain skip to step three if not...

Step the second:  Cut your pillowcase along what used to be the fold.

See the fold its like it was meant to be. No measuring, just cut! Yeah!

Now you have 2 pieces of roughly equal size, no measuring required.  Its like magic!

Step three:  Sew approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch seam around the outside of your curtain or curtains,depending on if you cut the pillowcase in half or not. Remember to tuck in the raw edges of fabric at the opening where you will be placing the curtain rod like this:

Pull apart a little of the seam like this. Sorry the pics are so fuzzy. New camera phone.

Tuck it in and sew around the outside to leave an opening.

 When you get to the bottom corners they are probably going to look like this:

Rounded, we don't want that. Let's square it off shall we?
Unfold and square off the bottom corners.

Fold bottom up, then side in and do the same on the other bottom corner if you are fussy like me.

Once you have sewed all the way around the outside, tucking in raw edges around openings and squaring off corners you're finished! Go hang that sucker up and admire your handy work!

and just because I can Crazy Angle!
Warning: Pillowcase Curtains are kind of addictive.  Once you make one you will want more. Hide your good pillowcases from yourself and visit your favorite local thrift store for your fix.  Enigmatic Craftage and The Knit Pixie are not responsible for any damage or loss of your 5,000 thread count pillowcases. Happy Crafting!