Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quickie Craft: Wire Heart Bookmark

Need a bookmark? Want it fast? Tired of using (insert random bit of paper name here) as a bookmark? Tired of losing your (insert important documents/cards here) because you used it as a bookmark? You know who you are! Grab some wire and pliers and let's make this sucker.

Here's what you need:

Wire cutters, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, and 18 gauge wire mine is a pretty pacific blue (Thank you, J.T.!), but use whatever makes you happy!

If you are using coated wire it would probably be in your best interest to tape your chain nose plier jaws with masking tape before proceeding or you risk marring your wire.  I played with fire I got burnt, listen to me people, don't scratch your wire! End disclaimer. Let's begin.

Cut a piece of wire approximately 5 inches long and using your fingers bend it in half like this:

Very rounded let's fix that shall we?

Take your taped (or otherwise coated) chain nose pliers and make the loop more angular like so:

Now take out your round nose pliers and make small loops on either end like this:

Right side

Now both. Make sure the loops face the center.

Now using the taped chain nose pliers roll the loops on each end toward the center, like this:

No tape equals BAD! Remember!
When you have rolled both sides in adjust them to make them even and heart-like.

A little scruffy but still usable.
You can also make a more open version like this:

Just cut your wire a little longer and start the curl around the end of a pen instead of using the round nosed pliers.

To use the bookmark angle the swirls up so that the fit over the pages like this:

Front view

Back View
And you're finished! Go find a good book! Might I suggest a steampunk novel by George Mann, they're awesome!


  1. Could you use the wire I got at that yard sale to make these? Great idea and really cute.

  2. Yep I can use the wire you got me (thank you btw) I think it might work better, probably less likely to mar when using pliers that aren't coated.